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Below is a list of the equipment I've used to create the music you hear on this website. Nothing is an endorsement - it's simply information you may or may not be interested in. * denotes no longer in my studio but can be heard or was used in the creation of some songs posted on this site.

Roland D-70
Roland D-10

Sound Modules:
Roland U-110

Drum Modules:
Roland R-8*
Yamaha RM50

Yamaha TX16W
Akai CD3000i

Mackie CR1604


Atari 1040ST*
Apple Macintosh SE*
Apple Macintosh Powerbook 160*
Apple Macintosh IIsi*
Apple Macintosh Quadra 840AV*
Apple Macintosh Powermac G3*
Apple Macintosh Powermac G4

Passport Designs Master Tracks*
Propellersheads Reason
Mark of the Unicorn Performer
Mark of the Unicorn Digital Performer
Bias-Inc Deck (formerly by OSC)
Macromedia Soundedit 16

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